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Define Your Style With More Design Studio

I want a new kitchen.  I really do.  I want a spot for everything.  Having moved to an island 5 years ago, I sold my belongings in Denver and scaled WAY back.

My cute little (emphasis on little) condo here is 600 square feet.  This may sound big to those of you New Yorkers that have 250 sf studio apartments, but for me, it’s pretty small.  I’ve adjusted.  But that’s for another blog.  This is about my kitchen.

I always tell my clients that planning is key and to take time to design is right.  Being in a rush can cause expensive problems down the road, so let’s get it designed right the first time.

Step 1. Define your style.  Some people know exactly what they want.  Hooray for you!  For the rest of us, visual helps make all the difference.  It’s my job as an interior designer to take a close look at my client’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes, then convert them into a project that fits them like a glove.  I want them to walk in every day and say, “Oh!  I just love it!”  Good vibes are at risk if I get it wrong.

I  start with Pinterest which has a plethora of kitchen ideas and “styles.”  Start a kitchen board alongside me and pin the ones you like, noting what you like in each of the photos.  As you search more, pin more and see more and more . . . refine your board until you have a “style” defined.  Start this process early.  It’s fun and it may take developing time.  Some accomplish it in a week and some . . . well, they work on it for a year.   The goal is to end up with photos with a similar theme.  If you’ve got a kitchen with Victorian corbels alongside a photo with mid-century modern cabinets . . . keep going, keep refining, keep noting items.  Purge items that aren’t cohesive with the majority of your board.  These are the ingredients for a successful recipe for a kitchen perfect for you.

Designers are trained to translate this myriad of information into a successful plan.  It’s rather like putting together a puzzle.  The pieces should fit together to create a cohesive and beautiful finish.   Be prepared that not all puzzle pieces are going to fit into the final picture.  Trust your designer and if you don’t understand the design or why she’s recommending it, just ask.  Good designers will have open and honest communication with you.

Start your board today, and next time, I’ll share step 2 with you.  Wouldn’t you like to love your kitchen, too?  Have fun and be inspired!